Working on your strategic plan is your favorite activity, right?

Didn't think so. 

No worries, we can help.

The cost of business failure is high, the cost of our MAP program is not.


In order to evolve your strategic plan, as part of our award winning MAP process, we offer a three step approach:

  1. we start with an intake call moderated by one of our lead consultants

  2. you will join us for a two-day in-person market action planning session

  3. we arrange several follow up calls to finalize the go-to-market plan 


While all MAP days are tailored to suit your unique requirements, at a high level each include the following elements:

  • Effective Target Markets and Market Analysis discussion and analysis.  This session will help determine target markets (geographic, horizontal, vertical) and core competencies that will drive your overall go-to-market strategy.

  • Solutions ReviewComprehensive review of products and services portfolio including an analysis of solutions aimed at your target markets.

  • Vision and Market-Centric Objectives: managed discussion to begin developing specific Vision, Mission and Value Proposition as they pertain to your business objectives, target markets, and organizational structure and culture. 

  • Organizational Alignment: In order for you to achieve these market reach objectives, JS Group will ensure that your Vision, Mission and Value Proposition are market ready and in balance with organizational dynamics (in order to build a strong organization capable of sustained profitable growth, it is critical to scale all core and supporting business functions in accordance with promotional growth in business development, sales and marketing).

  • Strategic Leverage: we will examine and evaluate areas where you can achieve the best ROI from strategic maneuvers available, based on your dominant areas of core competency and strategic leverage, which will greatly assist you in making long term strategic decisions and selecting tactical initiatives to fuel growth. 

  • Marketing Strategies: discussion of current and past marketing strategies and activities and effectiveness to determine best marketing strategies moving forward.


The result of the MAP days and subsequent conferences will be an action oriented strategic go-to-market plan, with tactical initiatives identified, focused on sustainable profitable growth.

For more information, please contact Roy Schijns at 908-566-7241 or

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