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Introducing the Advancing Leadership Network (ALN)

Once upon a time, we were The 50% Club, champions of women in the channel. But guess what? We've kicked it up a notch, transforming into the Advancing Leadership Network.


Same heart, fiercer spirit.  We're not just talking about women in the channel; we're on a mission to see them leading it, owning it, and rocking those top jobs.

Sharper Focus, Bigger Dreams

Our focus is crystal clear and sharp as a diamond. It's all about empowering women to not just participate but to dominate in tech firms (vendors, distribution and channel partners).


We're talking career development, leadership skills, and smashing the glass ceiling to ensure women are not just present, but leading at least half of the top positions in the tech ecosystem.

Empowerment Redefined

We're more than a network, we're a movement. We're here to forge and fuel the female leaders of today and tomorrow. Join us as we drive change, make history, and redefine leadership in tech firms.

Unwavering Commitment to 

Women Leading the Channel


While there are incredible organizations pushing the boundaries for women, at ALN we have a unique battlefield - the tech channel.


Our goal is to ensure parity or even dominance in the highest echelons of leading tech firms.

Laser Focus on the Tech

Channel, Nothing Less


We're not just about diversity; we're about rewriting the narrative in the Tech Channel.


Our exclusive focus means we understand the nuances, the challenges, and the opportunities like no one else. We're not just part of the conversation; we're leading it.

Driving Top-Level Change

Redefining Leadership


Our vision goes beyond mere general career development.


We're here to see women taking charge of at least half of the most senior positions in the channel, with clear metrics, relentless determination, and a clear vision.

Leadership Development

One Leader at a Time...


We're empowering women to redefine the industry, to innovate, and to lead like never before.  


We're about action, impact, and measurable results, to create a legacy of female leadership in the channel.

Join the Vanguard of Leadership Revolution

At the Advancing Leadership Network, we're not just part of the change; we're driving it.


Join us, and together, let's lead, educate, and innovate like the industry has never seen before. The future of leadership in the channel is in our hands, and together, we will shape it, own it, and lead it.


For more information, please click the logo below to visit our dedicated ALN website: 

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