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The ever changing channel ecosystem is difficult to navigate. Keep your finger on the pulse of the channel by keeping up to date with the latest trends and shifts with JSG’s research. 


Please contact us at to find out about our annual subscription services, so you'll never have to miss the latest insights from JSG. 


For members of our Advancing Women in Leadership Network (ALN), depending on which membership tier you join, these reports will be made available there as well.

2024 | 02

Our latest research report is a deep dive on MDF and the appropriation of vendor marketing funds which - somewhat surprisingly - often go unused by their partners, or in the best case, are used for non-demand and revenue generation activities.

MDF Report Cover w ANS logo.png

2023 | 10

The rapid emergence of the next generation of tech leaders, primarily represented by Millennials and Generation Z, is reshaping the IT Channel.


This report explores the transformative impact of these emerging leaders on the tech industry, focusing on their unique challenges, demands, and expectations.


By analyzing the rise of organizations like JSG‘s Advancing Women in Leadership Network (ALN), Nextgen Channel and Channel NX2Z and considering the evolving landscape of technology leadership, this report highlights the need for mentorship, soft skills development, digital adaptability, and diversity and inclusion as critical components for fostering successful next-generation tech leaders.

cover next gen.png

2023 | 08

Generative AI: A Channel Impact Analysis


Our report explores the integration of generative AI in the technology channel, and highlights AI’s positive effects on customer acquisition, marketing, support, customization, and collaboration.


We examined how AI improves prospect identification, personalizes marketing, reduces support costs, and enhances customization and innovation.  We also considered AI’s role in pricing optimization, supply chain efficiency, predictive maintenance, risk assessment, and customer support.


This report emphasizes AI’s potential for profit enhancement, cost reduction, and collaboration.  Every business should consider AI’s benefits and risks to capture new growth and innovation.

cover AI.png

2023 | 05

16 TSDs

53 Vendors

142 Partners


Welcome to JSG's Technology Services Distributors Study

Technology Services Distributor Report


We are pleased to provide you with this research report, the first of its kind, after months of interviews, surveys and conversations with hundreds of key stakeholders and experts in the ever-evolving technology ecosystem.

We set out to pinpoint the value Technology Services Distributors (TSDs) bring to vendors and channel partners of all varieties.


TSDs have an opportunity to play an even more pivotal role in making the complex understandable and create value for all parties involved in the tech value-chain.

This report, authored by JSG in collaboration with Channel Futures is the first in an ongoing series to address what is happening in our industry and assess what the future looks like for all involved in this space.

Report Cover TSDs.png
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