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2024 | 01

Patricia Rush Appointed as Chief Partnership Officer at JSG

Business Ecosystem Expert Joins JSG to Fortify Partnership Strategies

JSG announces the appointment of Patricia Rush as Chief Partnership Officer, a move signaling the company's commitment to enhancing its channel ecosystem expertise. With over 30 years in business partnership and ecosystem development, Rush brings invaluable experience and insight.


Previously President & Founder of Rush To Channel, Patricia has an extensive background in developing partner go-to-market strategies, specializing in program development and operational infrastructure for partner engagement across diverse markets.


Her expertise in Partner Relationship Management (PRM) and hands-on approach to internal process development have been instrumental in delivering efficient and impactful solutions to dozens of organizations, many earning coveted 5-Star Partner Program awards.


JSG's CEO, Janet Schijns, said this about the new addition: "Patricia joining us isn't just great news, it's a game-changer. Her track record is nothing short of stellar, and we're looking forward to the proven tactics, and business results, she'll bring to our already passionate team.”


The rapid evolving nature of partnerships and ecosystems, driven by market changes, is creating significant opportunities for technology businesses of all sizes. JSG, with its highly experienced industry professionals, is at the forefront of driving go to market strategies, programs, and activations that significantly improve business outcomes."


Rush's primary focus at JSG will be collaborating with vendors, TSDs, and partners across markets and ecosystems, refining go-to-market strategies, and enabling partner activations. Her appointment reflects JSG's dedication to fostering strong partnerships and delivering outstanding results.


Rush shared her enthusiasm: "After having a successful consulting business for 22 years, deciding to join a team wasn't easy. Only a handful of consulting businesses specialize in partnership ecosystems, and JSG stands apart from all the others.


The JSG team is comprised of professionals who have a proven track record in these roles across various sectors and whose commitment to excellence and integrity resonates with my principles. No other consulting business even comes close."

2023 | 09

JSG adds 5 new Powerhouse Consultants 

As a transformative force in the tech realm, JSG, the leading ecosystem acceleration firm in the technology industry, has strategically expanded its senior leadership team, ushering in a new era of growth and innovation.


JSG has long been known to get ahead of trends in the tech channel. In a world that requires comprehensive go-to-market solutions for vendors and partners, we are once again doubling down on talent to ensure their clients’ needs are met.


"The channel ecosystem is evolving at an unprecedented rate and JSG remains committed to help our clients navigate through change with the infusion of these incredible professionals. Our clients can harness the profound experience these industry titans bring, ensuring they remain not just relevant but pioneering in their respective fields," expressed Janet Schijns, CEO of JSG.


These five industry powerhouses are not just additions but extensions to JSG's commitment to providing unparalleled value to its clients. Introducing the following executive additions to JSG:


Kathleen Martin

Kathleen, our Chief Community Officer, is set to make waves in tech industry relations while amplifying our commitment to diversity and community. Under her guidance, JSG clients can expect a tech world that is more inclusive and synergistic.


Leona Kral

Now onboard as the SVP of Alliances & Influencers, Leona is all set to drive transformative ecosystem solutions that deliver substantial results, ensuring that JSG's clients always stay ahead in their domains.


Lynne Thornton

Lynne, as the SVP of Channel Activation, brings deep insights into leadership and management activation and the SaaS landscape, bolstering JSG’s channel strategies to offer unmatched advantages to its clients.


Kathy Amro

As the SVP of Marketing Services, Kathy excels in devising ground-breaking marketing solutions, promising JSG clients a compelling business impact with exceptional ROI.


Laura Steward

Stepping in as Vice President of Business Strategy and Content, Laura merges strategy with content, focusing on tech education and bringing to JSG clients a wealth of experience that ensures they reach their zenith.


"As demonstrated in our most recent research reports, the channel ecosystem is evolving at a previously unseen rate of change.  The trends noted in our reports point to a seismic shift in the channel's go-to-market activities, driven by an uptick in ecosystem partnerships, community engagement, co-selling and influencer strategies, a changing marketing landscape and digital sales enablement."


"As a result, our clients need help to ensure they evolve with the highest efficacy. Adding these industry stalwarts ensures JSG continues to deliver above-average return on investment across our consulting, sales, marketing, and research divisions," said Meredith Caram, President of JSG.

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