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Full Service Channel Marketing Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions for vendors, distributors and channel firms, all of which have been fine tuned to help improve marketing ROI.  JSG has an extensive team of dedicated content development and digital marketing experts as well as marketing talent for fractional placement.

We are well versed in intent-based and account-based marketing, search engine optimization and demand-gen campaigns.  We’re also popular in the industry and will use our influence to drive traffic and prospects your way.

Demand Generation Campaigns


Intensive mid-to-long-range campaigns designed to drive demand for sales teams, including traditional or Digital Advertising, Intent-Based Marketing & Account-Based Marketing.



Content Development


We create relevant and engaging content (ranging from social media posts, articles, white papers, blogs and vlogs, to full-fledged support at events), to enable partners and support inbound marketing efforts.



Social 'Hero' and Influencer Programs

We develop social media content for our clients (‘hero’s) and leverage our executive team’s reach to influence and engage with prospects to drive demand - we boost our clients’ posts to increase visibility and leads.

Web Services and SEO


We have development and site optimization services to ensure your online presence impresses prospects – being found is a critical step in business development – we will improve your search rankings to drive demand.

Marketing Staff Augmentation


We offer a wide variety of fractional marketing resources to help offset talent deficiencies you may experience in the wake of a ‘great resignation’ and severe cost-cutting at tech firms, both impacting marketing headcount.



Alliances Accelerator Program

We offer a comprehensive, data-driven approach  designed to navigate the intricate web of strategic partnerships in the tech sector. Aimed at ISVs, OEMs, and tech vendors, our program transforms alliances into strategic accelerators for success.

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