integrated talent development


& hire


deploy &




& retain

jsg is tech's go-to partner for talent development

We are your strategic partner for building and developing an integrated talent management foundation for your direct and indirect sales organizations, as follows:

1. Attract & Hire 

We will work with your leadership teams to identify talent required to deliver sustained performance, capable of attaining your growth goals. We will then provide a dynamic framework for recruiting, hiring, and retaining best-in-class talent for your company. 


2. Deploy & Optimize

Our commitment does not end once a candidate is placed. We have extensive follow up and performance remediation programs to ensure full client satisfaction and value delivery.  In addition, we offer executive vetting services for sales leadership positions.

3. Develop & Retain

We round out our framework with a commitment to work with clients on personal development and training programs for team members. Our approach is to align a client’s strategic direction and growth goals with its talent development roadmap.