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Market Action Plan

jsg is tech's go-to partner for strategic planning

Why do so many business fail to plan properly? We believe it’s because the process is broken. Strategic planning tends to be an annual exercise resulting in static plans which do not allow for real-time decision-making. 

Instead, we offer an adaptable approach called Market Action Planning (MAP), emphasizing actionable choices which can be implemented at market speed. Our MAP process enables you to take full advantage of changing market conditions, through a series of tactical maneuvers we will develop for you. ​How does MAP work?

  1. we start with an intake call moderated by one of our lead consultants

  2. you will join us for a two-day in-person Market Action Planning session

  3. we arrange several follow up calls to finalize your go-to-market plan 


While all Market Action Planning sessions are tailored to suit your unique requirements, they each include a Market Analysis, a Solutions Review, Vision and Market-Centric Objectives, Organization, Financials, Strategic Leverage, and Marketing Strategies.

The result of the 'live' session and subsequent conferences will be an action oriented strategic go-to-market plan, with tactical initiatives focused on profitable growth.

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